18. dubna 2007 v 19:07 | Agony |  Já a můj blog
Tak zlatíčka moje....

Včera mi někdo smazal blog
Kde jsem měla 8 FF a nespočet básniček,jenodílnejch povídek,citátů atd.
Ale hlavně to byl můj deník! Takže mi smazali kus mího života...moje vzpomíny...moje naděje....

No...nebudu to rozepisovat.
Pro vás je důležitý to,že s tímhle blogem taky končím.
nemám na to sílu.
nesmažu ho,ale nebude sem nic přibývat.
Můžete kopírovat,kritizovat a bůhvíco...je mi to jedno.
Odedneška se sem už nebudu přihlašovat.
Možná si založím nový...ale adresu sem nedám.
Kdo bude chtít,najde si mě.
Kdo nebude nemusí.

Prostě je konec.

Už naposledy Vaše
Už jsem svou hru s osudem dohrála...a prohrála

Nightwish - Know Why the Nightingale sings?-Text ang.

16. dubna 2007 v 20:31 | Agony |  Nightwish
What does the free fall feel like?
Asks the boy with a spark in his eye
Know why the nightingale sings
Is the answer to everything

Taking a step to the world unbound
Spinning my fantasies all around
Freed from the gravital leash
I swear the heaven's in my reach

Dancing with the spirit of the air
In this ocean so so open and fair
Making love to the gods above
On my maiden voyage so bold

Landing safely to the blue lagoon
Don't know if this is the earth or the moon
Joy of living is no more a mask
The Eden I found will forever last

Migrating with the geese
My soul has finally found peace
Doesn't matter that man has no wings
As long as I hear the nightingale sing...

Nightwish - Nymphomaniac Fantasy

16. dubna 2007 v 20:22 | Agony |  Nightwish
The scent of a woman was not mine...

Welcome home darling
Did you miss me?
Wish to dwell in dear love?

Touch my milklike skin
Feel the ocean
Lick my deepest
Hear the starry choir

Rip off this lace
That keeps me imprisoned
But beware of the enchantment
For my eroticism is oblivion

Old love lies deep you said
Deeper shall be the wound between your legs

Nightwish - Tutankhamen-Text ang.

16. dubna 2007 v 20:22 | Agony |  Nightwish
As the sun sets beyond the pyramid
To greet me with its rays
I place my hand on my forehead
To see your chariots' flames

Watch me kneel before you
Hear the cats meowing in the temple
They yearn for the milk you cascaded
As I yearn your promised treasure

Treasure of
I am the one it is
Take me with you
Through the stargate
To the valley of the kings

Sacrifice me
And let me be your queen
Take me
Tonight and always
We'll breed to fill all earth

Three millenniums it took me to guard your rest
Your slumber in mighty Phoenix's nest
But tonight the darkness in the tomb has perished
For Carter has come to free my beloved

Treasure of...

Sacrifice me...

Nightwish - Angels Fall First-Text ang.

16. dubna 2007 v 20:06 | Agony |  Nightwish
An angelface smiles to me
Under a headline of tragedy
That smile used to give me warmth
Farewell - no words to say
Beside the cross on your grave
And those forever burning candles

Needed elsewhere
To remind us of the shortness of your time
Tears laid for them
Tears of love tears of fear
Bury my dreams dig up my sorrows
Oh Lord why
The angels fall first?

Not relieved by thoughts of Shangri-La
Nor enlightened by the lessons of Christ
I'll never understand the meaning of the right
Ignorance lead me into the light

Needed elsewhere...

Sing me a song
Of your beauty
Of your kingdom
Let the melodies of your harps
Caress those whom we still need

Yesterday we shook hands
My friend
Today a moonbeam lightens my path
My guardian

Nightwish - Astral Romance-Text ang.

16. dubna 2007 v 20:05 | Agony |  Nightwish
A nocturnal concerto
Candlelight whispers me where to go
Hymn of gathering stars as my guide
As I wander on this path of the night

Embroidery of the stars
Undress my feelings for this earth
Send me your salva to heal my scars
And let this nakedness me my birth

Macrocosm poured its powers on me
And the hopes of this world I now must leave
The nightwish I sent you centuries ago
Has been heard by those
Who dwelled in a woe

The distance of our bridal bed
Await for me to be dead
Dust of the galaxies take my hand
Lead me to my beloved's land

Departed by the guillotine of death
I received a letter from the depth
The dream of my lover it carried inside

Caressed by the sharpest knife
I asked you to be my wife
Rays of the setting sun
Were my tears wept upon promises undone

Come to me
Make me believe
to you and your love again

Above the universe
Beneath the Great Eye
I shall desire you forevermore

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